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What Is The Salty Dogs Pirate Festival?
The Pirate Festival is our first event when Lions Harbor Park gets transformed into a pirate shanty town.
There’s shows, music, crafters, food and drink – and pirates! It’s a full day of fun for the whole family.

When, Where is it?! How much are the tickets?
Details coming soon

Where do we park?
The park is situated in a tricky parking spot. They host a huge Celtic Festival in August and people park
on city streets. (they get over 6,000 visitors) So first come first serve for city streets.

What’s there to do?
Comedy performers, Aerialist, lots of family activities, music, cannons and of course Pirates! Lots of
unique merchants and craft vendors with handmade goods of leather, silver, wood, iron, and cloth – it’s
a perfect opportunity to do a little early (really early!) holiday shopping. We promise, there’s plenty to
do at the Festival – trust us, we’re Pirates!

Is there An Age Limit?
Not at all – The Pirate Festival is a family event that’s suitable for all ages. However bring your ID as this
is a licensed event.

Is there Food at the Festival?
We will have multiple different food options through a mix of food trucks and stands.

What about the weather?
There will almost certainly be some. We’re Pirates! We laugh at weather! The festival will go on, rain or
shine – shows, games, activities, you name it. There are no refunds due to inclement weather.

Can I Bring My Pet?
Sea-dogs (and parrots!) are welcome, as is any animal you can keep on a leash and under control.
Remember that the Pirate Festival is a busy place with children, so animals that are skittish or not good
with crowds may feel safer at home. And of course, please clean up after your pet – we don’t want the
whole village smelling like a poopdeck.

Do I have to come in costume?
You don’t have to, but it you did that’d be spectacular. Ain’t got no costume? Buy one at the Festival.

Can I Bring Weapons?
Weapons that are appropriate to your costume are welcome (no modern weapons, please). All weapons
must be “peace-tied” in place (swords must be secured with rope or zip-ties so they cannot be drawn).
No live munitions or working firearms please. Weapons will be inspected at the front gate or by security
at any time while you’re at the festival.

Are there ATMs?
We have no ATMs but virtually all merchants/vendors (and the festival bar and ticket booth) will accept
credit and debit cards. We also (happily!) accept cash but will not accept personal cheques. (Do people
still write those?)

Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?
The Festival is held in a natural park setting, on grass and walking paths. Wheelchairs and motorized
wheelchairs are allowed. We have disabled accessible flush toilets.
Festival patrons with accessibility needs requiring a support person may bring one, free of charge.

Can I leave and come back in?
Why would you want to leave? But if you must… yes, you can leave and re-enter through the front gate
with a handstamp. You gotta visit the beach in your well-suited pirate outfit, not so good for suntanning
but perfect to get a few turned heads!

Is there seating?

Although there will be a bunch of picnic tables and benches around the park, its urged that you bring
your favorite blanket and/or lawn chair.

See you in 2025!

Plans are to run the festival again in 2025, stay tuned at faires.ca

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